29 Most Popular Fall Nail Polish Colors on Pinterest

29 most popular fall nail polish colors on pinterest 18

How To Choose Your Autumn Nail Polish

Fall is a great time to use nail polish. The colors you will see this year, particularly on the nails, are brighter, vibrant, and much cooler than last year. As you look into the upcoming autumn nail color trends, you will want to know what you will wear this year to your next party. Keep in mind the following key nail polish colors as you plan your look for this year’s events.

Warm-Up – If you are attending a warm-up event or gathering this year, then you will be going with warm colors on your nails. You may choose to go with an orange base shade, and then add some green and gold shimmer to add a little extra flair. A very popular shade for this year will be Fall Color Bling. These warm color bases are perfect if you would like to wear something that will match most outfits for your attending event. For example, if you are attending a wedding, you would probably prefer a yellow base nail polish, which is also a warm color. Or if you are attending a holiday event, you would probably wear a gold color base coat, a bright and festive color. If you are attending a funeral, you would likely opt for a white base coat, another neutral color.

Fall Colors – This is a season where everything is going to be golden. You will see plenty of oranges, reds, yellows, and reds. You will also see more greens and blues, and if you are going to a wedding, you will probably want to pick out a brownish or off white nail polish. If you are going to a holiday event, then you will probably want to go with a blue color base, which is quite beautiful.

Darker Colors – This will be the season when the color of the nail polish will be in black and navy. You will be looking for a deep color for your nails that will bring out your nails’ natural beauty.

Autumn Colors – You will be able to purchase nail paint in several different colors that are darker than usual. Some of the darker shades will have different applications and effects than traditional nail paints. For example, if you are going to a Halloween party, you can go with a black and gold nail polish, which will have a more fun look than your traditional nail paint colors.

The next time you choose your nail paint for this fall season, remember that it is always best to stay away from bold nail polish colors, which may cause discoloration if you apply too much. Remember to buy a few basic nail colors so that you can create your custom color combinations.


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