37 Gorgeous Dark academia outfit inspiration Designs

37 gorgeous dark academia outfit inspiration designs 32

The Dark Academic Look

Many Known as Dark academia is a subculture with a very heavy emphasis on learning, studying, writing, and reading: an academic environment best defined as modern-academic-with-an-accent-of-old-school-and-a-heavy-influence-from-classical-theory. Think classic-period black and white cardigans, vintage-tweed pants, an old leather satchel overflowing with a big stack of books, long, dark photos, skulls lined up against red or blue candles, and brooding philosophy.

The most popular thing about Dark Academia is the look itself. It’s often described as having the feel of a university library (think old libraries) with dark-colored items displayed, usually on neatly lined shelves and almost as if the books are all in brackets if you see a bunch of frames on each other. There are also bookshelves set on the floor and bookcases that contain hundreds of books all in one place, creating it look like a very big library. Most academic subcultures tend to have some library-style room for this kind of atmosphere, whether it be the study room, the living room, or even the basement bedroom.

Sure, one of the most important components of the Dark Academia ensemble is the attire worn. Dark clothes are used because they give off a certain aura; for instance, when you wear a thick black coat that goes well with dark leather pants and a large oversized black scarf around your neck, you create a very serious, scholarly look.

When wearing dark attire, you’ll need to ensure that you have shoes that go well with it. There are many various styles of shoes that fit the category, but some are considered classics that are good options. The classic black pumps with thick soles are still a great choice, especially if you don’t care too much about style or what other people might think of you.

As far as clothing, you can also try getting a jacket/robe with a dark look. It will give you something to wear to work with and play in. This kind of outfit has a sort of “business casual” look and is very practical. Think either a vest with an embroidered jacket (think vintage cardigan type) or a long-sleeved jacket with a buttoned-down collar with an emblem on the front of the jacket that identifies the business you’re staying.

Another popular outfit among those who wear the Dark Academia look is a pair of jeans paired with a dark coat, a pair of boots for the legs, or a jacket and scarf to show off the jacket and give the outfit a bit of color. She looks good when you want to get away from the routine and have fun, but it is also a great way to keep you warm as the winter months approach.


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