57 Trending Fall Nail Colors to Try in 2020 Need Try

57 trending fall nail colors to try in 2020 need try 46

Fall Nail Colors – Bold and Fabulous

For a bold, bold nail color this autumn, think bold and see how you can achieve it! Fall nail colors are so dramatic that it is difficult to think about your nails this year. But if you are the type who likes to show off her personality, there is no reason not to show it with a colorful manicure and nail. Here are some great fall nail color ideas to get you started.

A bold, fresh coat of color is a must with all the fall nail colors. Fall is the time of the year when the colors of flowers, leaves, and trees change. While bright orange and red shades ruled the summer months, fall brings vintage reds, turquoise blue, gold, and green tones back into fashion. Wear a light blue nail polish over a matte topcoat and a creamy lipstick to create a striking on-trend look. Grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon next time you are shopping for the beauty aisle. The subtle hint of brown from this rich, purple-red adds elegance to an autumnal tone. If you prefer a more intense color, grab a thick, opaque purple polish.

Bold and warm orange shades come alive in the fall season. Take a simple nail design and jazz it up with a splash of bright color. You can try a bold, deep orange nail color or use a medium shade on your finger or toenail to create a pop of color. For something a little less overwhelming, add a few highlights to your nail’s tip. For a bolder orange, try a warm orange nail polish over a matte base color. For a lighter orange, choose a clear base and add a bit of color through a sheer base.

Bright autumnal nail colors bring in the fall. Bold, dark orange shades are great to wear to add drama to any autumnal look. Wear a dark base coat, over which layer a few different oranges or purples. For an interesting effect, apply two layers of orange nail polish to create a rosy color. Add a touch of black or violet to make the hue pop. For more depth, add a few purple tips around the edges. To bring in the darker shades, wear a darker base color over a lighter base color, and then add more colors around the nail’s edge.

The season also brings out the festive look of fall in nail color. It is the perfect time to get creative with your nail color with fall just around the corner. Fall is known for its pumpkin and apple colors. This year you can go crazy with a combination of these hues. Try an orange and yellow color with a red hint or use an earthy orange over a cream or white base for a rich brown. You can also go crazy with rich red, purple, and burgundy color combinations. Or you could try a rich burgundy nail with hints of red or green in a pale blue or pink base to create an autumnal color scheme.

Bold, bright fall colors are a great way to bring in the holiday season with your nails. Wear your Halloween costume and pump up your nails with the bold color of fall. This year, look great by choosing a glittery orange or red nail polish, topped with a rich black base, or even black as a base color.


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